Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I know. I can hear it already. How in the world can I be complaining about the Arctic Blast that is hitting the Valley of the Sun, but I think I have every right. This is so not right. We are not prepared at all for highs in the 40s. I told me girls to wear layers (I didn't bother with Dillan, as he was headed out the door with shorts and a t-shirt on. I tried though. I dusted off a sweatshirt for him, but he balked at it). For Olivia that meant two long sleeved shirts, a jacket, hat, scarf, and two pairs of socks. Chloe was much more conservative and wore a long sleeved shirt and jacket. I told them that they had to cover up any exposed skin, because that's what they said on the radio. I am not kidding. Phoenix is so not used to this that common sense does not prevail, we have to be told to layer and cover up exposed skin. But then I thought how I wished they would make this public advisory more often. How I wish that I did not have to see as much exposed skin as I do when the temps get above 70. Even then, a healthy dose of common decency would be appreciated. So after Blake and I had lunch I headed out to the pool (Blake was dressed in shorts and a t shirt. He refused to have any other clothing put on him. Maybe it's genetic. I had a shirt, two sweaters, and a snow jacket) to clean out all of the leaves that had blown in there from the past few blustery days. I was shocked to find a thin layer of ice in the pool filter. THAT'S COLD, PEOPLE! Another example of how cold it is here, when I went to lunch yesterday, I looked at the valet and thought how weird he looked because he was wearing a snow cap! I bet he had to go buy it special just for the day. Kevin spotted ice crystals on the golf course yesterday. But my dear friend, Stacey, brought up an excellent point yesterday. At lease we don't have to shovel anything. And for all of you people who think that I have no right to complain, remember this when I come to your neck of the woods and it's a measly 100 degrees and YOU are complaining how hot it is, and I will be thinking, Man, this is Heaven. Or Fall.

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