Monday, February 14, 2011

What I've Done so Far

I have felt guilty for not updating this (great. Another thing to feel guilty about that has been self imposed), BUT I have done a few things. I have wiped my kitchen ceiling so thoroughly, that you could eat off of them. That is, if you wanted to eat off the ceiling. I washed my front door and got rid of the mosquito nest in the front porch. But, the most notable thing was that I changed the toilet fill valve in our bathroom. And I didn't have to ask the husband for assistance. That was a feeling of accomplishment and that maybe I CAN be just like my mom and be the family plumber. That's all to report for now. OF COURSE, I have been doing my daily chores and routine. Whoops! I almost forgot that I washed the walls. They are dirty again, but it got done.

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